The perfect IT-solutions for your company

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The perfect IT-solutions for your company

A range of IT solutions is available for every situation. Some are very innovative, or tailored to a specific niche markets, others are extremely generic and can be used in different sectors. The look and feel of one application is more attractive than that of another. So there are numerous choices and decisions to be made. 

How do you determine which is the most suitable IT solution for your company?

As a senior executive you are faced with the challenge of automation some, or all your business processes. This is not a simple choice because: 

  • This is not an every day decision.

  • It takes a lot of work to prepare Requests For Quotations

  • It is very difficult to make a comparison because every provider makes a different proposal, each with their own benefits

  • The providers don't understand your business in dept and they rarely speak the same language

  • The impact of the change and the and the chosen solution is often very large

  • There are considerable risks involved. 

That's were we come in to advise you!

We guide you in the search for a solution that fits your Strategy, business objectives and budget. Thanks to the adequate and independent advise of experienced consultants with the right experience, competences and personality, you will be able to achieve your goals faster, better and you'll probably will need to spend less money.

Our approach forces you to think ahead before you start working with an implementation partner. the big advantage is that you will be more able to compare different solutions en therefor make an Informed choice.

Thanks to our experience and approach, we'll manage to become better contractual agreements with your future implementer. The extensive preparation for the selection proces results in a more efficient implementation proces, and also during the implementation proces you can't count on us. We can appoint a change manager which will manage the project from your side, ensuring that resistance to the change is minimal, the implementer adheres to the agreements made so that the project is realised with the agreed scope en within the agreed budget & time

Our proven methodology is a step-by-step proces:

Step 1
Initiation phase

During several session we define the scope of the project, which part of the business that is in scope en who will be part of the project group

Step 2

 This is probably the most important step. Here we define what the project will look like

Business Strategy and Objectives, analysis of the business processes

Based on discussion with proces owners and key users we map out the business processes with a focus on the future needs.

Step 3

Specifications and Request for Proposal

We translate the analysis of the business processes and the future needs and requirements in a comprehensive document that together with an extensive questionnaire forms a "Request For Proposal" RFP

Step 4 
Longlist of suppliers

With the knowledge we have of suppliers and application, we make a proposal for the longlist, consisting of a pre-selection of suppliers. We then invite these suppliers to write a proposal based on our Request for proposal

Step 5 
Comparison of the offers from the longlist

In this step we compare the proposed solutions from the selected potential suppliers. We dig in the received answers and make the comparable and transparant. We pay attention to the functional fit, the price proposal and the project approach. Together we then define a shortlist.

Step 6 
Case demo's shortlist

The suppliers on the shortlist will be sent a well designed demo scenario based on the future core processes, along with data. This ensure that the demo is recognisable on the one hand and that you are better able to compare the different solutions on the other hand. We require that the demo's are done by the consultants that they will appoint to the project so that we also gain an insight of the project team and see of there is a "human match"

Step 7 
Selection & negotiation

After the demo's, there will be at least two parties with which we take the finale step in the selection proces. Based on reference visits, we further asses how the supplier cooperates with its costumers.

Finally in the negotiation phase we outline exactly what we want. Based on the scope document price agreements are made for the implementation, licence prices, maintenance prices and agreements are made for the whole traject.