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The importance and the opportunities of the digital age, as well the impact on your business should not be underestimated. We believe that value for a business transformation can only be created by managing that transformation from the business itself based on two questions: "why do we need to change" and "how will we know that our organisation is ready to implement the change"

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Answering the fist question is all about strategy. It confronts us to describe what is not good about about the situation today and where we want to be in the future. We know there is a solution and it's possible to achieve it. We can even visualise it en think up ways how to realise and measure it.

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The second question asks us to Imagine what our changed organisation will look and behave like, at the point of being ready to implement the change we require. By keeping everyone focused on preparing the organisation for a sustainable change, be it in small or large organisations, we create maximum involvement for the transformation.


These two simple questions form the foundations of all change management activities. We identified why we need to change and  what we want to achieve. Transformation is about how we are going to achieve our goal and what will be our journey both form a project perspective and a change management perspective

About us

Forward-looking companies need to increase their agility to respond to opportunities that arise and develop resilience faster and faster to deal with crises.

This means that companies are having to undergo more and more changes at an ever faster pace. When we talk about change, we need to talk about people, processes & technology but also about culture, behaviour, risk and every other element that is part of the change. 

Within this change, the digital aspect takes on an increasingly dominant role, but attention to the people is the key to success.

We are passionate about change management and eager to assist organisations and their employees in the realisation of their digital transformation initiatives.  

We guide SMEs in developing their (digital) strategy and implementing changes to grow and become more efficient, while respecting people and the environment.

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We do this along with experts, each in their field. At Wise Owl Consulting, together with our client, we analyse their specific target markets, their processes & structures to draw up a concrete strategic plan tailored to their needs. We are not only looking for cost savings, but we are very much focusing on exploiting opportunities that arise in the market.

We guide the mapped out change process and involve the employees at all possible levels to ensure maximum involvement, so that results of the process are greatly increased and perpetuated.

Wise Owl Consulting optimises our customers' processes through the latest digital tools (O365 suite, Digital Workplace program, AI, RPA,...) and even complete software packages (from e-shop to complete business solutions with Odoo), to the rhythm of the customer and with engagement at all levels.

We never walk away from a difficult challenge. By focusing on the desired results and establishing an adequate plan, We succeed where others do not. We use countless tools and proven methods.

Our consultants have a thorough education in economics, technology and finance and more than 25 years of business experience in delivering results to customers.